Facial & Body Waxing

Eternal Elegance uses the highest quality wax for each area of the body, giving soft and smooth results. Understanding individual sensitivities, hot wax is applied to the face, underarm and bikini area. Strip wax is used for all other areas. Taking utmost care in hygiene, the skin is prepared via cleansing before wax application, and calming oils and moisturisers are applied when hair removal is complete. To reduce concerns of redness on the face, recommendations to apply Youngblood mineral make up will enhance and complete the look.

Eye Lash & Eyebrow Tinting

Enjoy being transformed by gorgeous definition, unique colour selection and personal style with an eye lash tint and eye brow tint. Be captivated by a relaxing pressure point head ritual and heated eye pack while the eye tint is processing. For eye brow perfection, be sure to book in for an eye brow shape and eye brow tint together.

Manicures & Pedicures

Suitable for any occasion, complete your exclusive look with maintaining healthy hands and fancy feet. In the comfort of a leather chair, unwind and savour these delightful treatments designed to have you walking on air. Nails are filed, polished, buffed and cuticles softened. Exfoliated with enzymes, walnut, loofah and lychee particles for silky skin, a therapeutic mask and massage follows. Enjoy the final touches with the world’s leading nail lacquer experts, OPI. Please advise when booking if diabetic.

Swedish Massage

A well known and popular style, Swedish massage is a specific routine designed to support the emotional and physical well being of the body. Working in the direction of blood returning to the heart, soft gliding hands rub the muscles in any pressure desired to achieve maximum relaxation. Toxins are released along with improved circulation, to enhance a deep sense of grounding. Any choice of treatment time will leave you feeling calm and refreshed.

Hot Stone Massage

This body ritual is designed to relax the muscle, reduce pain, improve circulation and aid in completing a balanced frame of mind. Warm basalt stones are applied to the body in combination with therapeutic oils which work to create a harmonious, zen like state. Heating pressure points followed by soothing hands give a deeper sense of muscle relaxation. A very healing and necessary treatment for alleviating stress with your very own choice of treatment time.

Advanced Facials

Using Kinesiology muscle testing, doubled up in a skin consultation, all advanced facials can be tailored to suit each specific skin type and concern. Eternal Elegance is a proud supporter of natural based products that work effectively on the mind, body and skin. With healing energy techniques and pressure point therapy, each facial is designed to give the best possible results, naturally. For SPF protection, Youngblood mineral make up is applied to the skin and full recommendations complete the service. Indulge in any facial knowing that the ranges used are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Please view the full menu provided to decide which facial is best suited.

Body Treatments

In need of something other then massage? Body treatments are another way to say 'thank you' for working hard. Choosing to give time back to yourself is very rewarding especially when it's in the form of a back scrub, back facial or full body wrap. To view which body treatments are available, please see the full menu.

Applied Kinesiology

Dr John Thie created Touch For Health which teaches a holistic approach to restore our natural energies into alignment. During a treatment, muscle testing is performed to provide a number of benefits through balancing acupuncture meridian energy, enhancing physical performance, improving posture, co-ordination and learning difficulties, identifying foods that raise the body's energy and reducing stress and pain.