Hello, I'm Renee

Hello, my name is Renee, owner of Eternal Elegance Skin & Beauty.

I have a passion for skin and body health and when it comes to facials, let’s just say that my style isn’t just about putting products on the skin, it’s a healing. Timeout for you to connect to who you really are. Meditate, open up to something bigger than yourself, let the feminine energy flow through you.

You see, we are all part of divine energy, a higher consciousness if you will. Our bodies, bones, organs and cells react to thoughts, feelings, and belief patterns we have learnt over time.

My calling is to help you release old patterns around the image that you believe is you, in the form of facial therapy and body balancing. With magazine articles, movies, television shows and news blaring at us to look a certain way, it’s easy to feel ashamed, unworthy or even unpretty. “I wish I looked like her!” “Why did I have to inherit that nose?” “My sister has always been the pretty one.” “I am so ugly with this acne, who would ever love me?”

When experiencing a facial treatment, let me help you to connect to a vision of youthfulness and inner beauty. When we remove resistance and this transition occurs, skin cells thrive, and when they thrive, we see visible changes forever creating new expression patterns on the outside.

All skincare products are completely natural and made in Australia, perfect for Australian skins. All facials provide healing benefits however, Yuva focusses around relaxation and Montaser Cosmeceuticals create amazing scientific, long-term results.

You are worthy, you are wonderful, you are beautiful, inside and out. I am very excited to guide you on a journey of health, wellbeing and truly gorgeous skin. The question is, are you ready for it? Love and blessings, Renee xox.