1. There are so many choices when we look at professional product ranges. Montaser stood out to me because of the moral and ethical values the brand stands for, and for the incredibly amazing results it delivers when using the products. If you are like me, and value a regime that is Australian made, contains natural ingredients, is vegan friendly, has a low carbon footprint, affordable for all Australians AND delivers results. Then I encourage you to take the next step, and book in for a facial now.


Using Kinesiology muscle testing, doubled up in a skin consultation, all Yuva facials can be tailored to suit each specific skin type and concern. Eternal Elegance is a proud supporter of natural based products that work effectively on the mind, body and skin. With healing energy techniques and pressure point therapy, each facial is designed to give the best possible results, naturally. For SPF protection, Youngblood mineral make up is applied to the skin and full recommendations complete the service. Indulge in any facial knowing that the ranges used are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Please view the full menu provided to decide which facial is best suited.

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